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Earth DIY – How to Make a 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel Chair!

You have to agree that more and more people are looking towards recycling, re-making, and using more sustainable materials for DIYs and this DIY is not an exception.  Learn how to make a 55 gallon plastic barrel chair that looks cool enough for your colorful livingroom.

Today, we are going to make a surprisingly comfortable chair using only six small bolts, nuts and washers, six drywall screws, simple hand tools, a little ingenuity and a recycled 55-gallon plastic drum. Why? Well, that is a good question, partially because it is in our nature to m

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Thank you.

It’s been exactly 2 years, 7 months, and 26 days since this site was started.  In the beginning, this site wasn’t even a real blog, I used basic HTML code to create couple pages that looked like a blog.

Of course, after using WordPress and started covering more DIYs, HOWTOs, gadgets, and other cool tech stuff, we began to grow and grow.

As you can see, the initial traffic spike was caused by some of

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Arduino Hack – How to Make your Own Knight Rider Scanner!

My old friend Garrett Mace over at MaceTech.com (also @macegr on Twitter) has been tinkering and released his own ShiftBrite RGB LED module.  It’s currently out of stock but he says he will have more of them soon.  (You can also check out Garrett’s previous DIYs he did on Zedomax.com here)

You can make an easy Knight Rider Scanner with these

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Computer DIY – How to Build a PC!

If you have been following Zedomax for quite awhile, you probably remember when my friend built a PC in 8 minutes.  Well, here’s some more good DIYs on how to build a PC.  Building a PC can be a daunting task for first timers while it’s a piece of cake for those who have done it before.

Building a PC can be a daunting task. It takes research and patience. Rushing through a build can create immediate or intermittent issues. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of of installing the PC components and provide some han

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Cat DIY – How to Make an Under-The-Sink Cat Litter Box!

Free ideas and DIYs have always been the point of this site, here’s another DIY on how to make an under-the-sink Cat Litter Box.  Well, actually, it’s not really a DIY, you just pretty much put a cat litter box under your sink, that’s probably it.

My husband had the idea of using a lidded storage box, and we found the perfect item in the Ikea Snalis storage box. We cut out an entrance with a utility knife, and we originally had a plastic mat as a do

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Well, being a hacker I am, I made my girlfriend an LED heart few years back but if you don’t like hacking, you can get this USB Plasma Heart for Valentines. (via cg) Of course, there’s no guarantee that this will satisfy her over other

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Make TV DIY – How to Solder!

Well, I have the pleasure of receiving the preview of Make Television DVD from Phillip Torrone at Make, thanks for that btw. 🙂

Here’s a good video of how to solder, all in HD, you will need it if you are going to be making any of my DIYs here.

Looks like they got a bunch of videos

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Eco-Conscious DIY – How to make a Zebra Rug using a Permanent Marker!

Without a doubt, DIYs like this make me interested because this is a great alternative over getting a real zebra rug.  Basically, it’s a fun DIY that shows you how to make a zebra rug using a permanent marker.

Kudos for being eco-conscious!

You will need one or two yards of white fabric such as vinyl or faux suede and a permanent marker or fabric paint.

You will also need access to a digital projector in order to enlarge an image of the hide

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Mattress Blog DIY Roundup!

Well, there’s always room for ideas in making your bed better, so here a couple useful DIYs from our Mattress Blog:

Learn how to make a pet bed with this DIY.  For cats, check out this one.

Here’s a cool custom bed project, a neat platform bed implementation.  Also learn how to

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Top 10 Interesting Bed Gadgets and Tech!

Well, there’s been a LOT of interesting BED gadgets, DIYs, and technology over at our bed blog, here’s the Top 10 posts I handpicked for y’all:

Are you kidding me?  No, you can have a Tetris wall, change it daily so you don’t get bored.

Learn how to make your own

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