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Zedomax reaches over 500,000 Unique Visitors thanks to you’all

The other day, we decided to check out web stats.  Above is a snapshot of our blog traffic since we started on August 14th, 2006.

We want to thank Phillip Torrone for all the blog posts and it was his Make blog that got us started in the first place.

Also all thanks also go to all the other blogs and websites that helped us get more traffic and keep going:


DIY Hack – Intel 8008 clock


Here’s a neat little project if you just signed up for an embedded computer class at your university…

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Amp Switch in a Altoids CAN


Cool Amp swtich in a altoids CAN. I was always thinking about something like this, so you can switch quickly between TV, PSP, and DVD…

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DIY – Paint Roller Robot


Next time I need to paint my house, I need these… well i’d need a house first though…lol

Here is a good site on making robots out of very ordinary parts. This simple robot can be changed in a number of ways to do basically whatever you want it to do. This little robot is very simple. It simply uses an IR photo transistor connected to a 2N2222 transistor. This transistor is used to drive the motor. This schematic seems to put a lot of current through the photo tra

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