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How to Make a DIY Vertical Wind Turbine!

Previously we had several different blog posts on how to make a DIY wind turbine:

How to Make Wooden DIY Vertical Wind Turbine!

Homemade DIY Wind Turbine

Mini DIY Wind Turbine

Here’s another great site that details every step of the way so you can build yourself a DIY vertical wind turbine.

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DIY Wind-Turbine WiFi Repeater!

Have two locations you want to connect via WiFi signals but you don’t want to spend thousands on WiFi equipment?

Here’s a great idea, make a DIY wind-turbine wifi repeater that uses pair of Linksys WRT54G routers with DD-WRT firmware on it (which allows you to turn your router into a repeater easily) and connect two routers .33 miles away.

The power meter works by reading the amount of current flowing into the batteries from the turbine on a continuous basis. This is achieved using a Hall-Effect current sensor that can read up to 30A, which is much more tha

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Homemade DIY Wind Turbine!

These nice young folks in Ecuador have built their own homemade DIY wind turbine, looks awesome and what a great way to create energy!

We wanted to make a wind turbine from easy-to-find materials and using simple tools. The rationale for this is that the generator should be easily reproducible by anyone. This also meant making sure the Ecuadorians could find all the materials locally so they could easily remake it, should they want to (and they should!). Finally, we are not experts and do not have access to a super advanced machine shop, so keeping it simple (stupid) was the

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