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How to Make DIY Camouflage Book Speakers!

Want to add some sound to your bookshelves without adding big speakers that will take up space? ¬†Here’s an excellent idea, make a DIY camouflage book speakers. (See Steve Hoefer’s full DIY page here.)

My mom actually has two GIANT speakers taking up a whole lot of space on her custom bookshelves (so she can listen to classical music) but this brings up the idea that she can make a bunch of these camouflage book speakers and finally get rid of those old ones.

I think I might actually t

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Speaker DIY – How to Make Solar Portable Speakers!

Wow, what a day for eco-friendly DIY speakers.  Unlike the DIY speaker kit mentioned earlier, these solar portable speakers are not kits, you can make them using various speaker and solar parts mentioned in the DIY.

I have to say these solar portable speaker certainly rock over the previous one as it can power itself using the power of the sun.

Combine a small, energy efficient digital amplifier, cheap bookshelf speakers, batteries, a small solar panel, and your MP3 player as a

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