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DIY Roomba Rodeo Robot!

Have some time to kill? How about adding a rodeo robot to your Roomba while it’s cleaning your hardwood floors?

via hackedgadgets, Project Page

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DIY Pool Robot Practicing to Enter World Professional Billiard Championship!

Have you ever seen a robot playing pool?  That’s right, this DIY Pool robot can play some serious game and even moves around the table to find the best angles. Check out the video after the jump, amazing.

Thomas Nierhoff, a masters student at Technische Universität München (TUM), used a human-sized mobile robot with dual 7-DOF arms that’s able to manipulate a pool cue similarly to how a human does. A camera above the table tracked the pos

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DIY Self Balancing Domo Robot!

Want to impress your girlfriend or your kid who loves domo?  No more worries, build a DIY self-balancing domo robot. Of course, you can swap out Domo for your favorite character like even SpongeBob or Princess.

A great weekend project, and do check out the video to see it in action. And why Domo Kun? Because I think it’s cute 🙂 You can pretty much change the WobblyBot into

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Droid Hacks – DIY Motorola Droid Lego Mindstorm Robot Solves 7x7x7 Rubik’s Cube!


Wow, with Droid X out now (which is faster than the original Motorola Droid), it’s shocking to me that the Moto Droid can solve a 7x7x7 rubik’s cube, being used as the brain while Lego Mindstorm does the rest.

Yes, Droid still does.

ARM Powered MultiCuber 777 solves V-CUBE 7 Featuring an Android Application on a DROID by MOTOROLA smartphone with a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot

via gizmodo,

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DIY Rugged Exploration Robot!

For those of you out there who are electrical/network specialists, here’s a rugged exploration robot that can help you carry network cables across roofs and other small spaces where man can’t fit.  Also there’s an onboard 2.4Ghz camera to relay photos as a secondary alternative to human sight.

It uses thread-wheel system powered by servos which is slow but very powerful, what you might need when crawling small spaces, just in case the robot gets caught.

He crawls around between rafters and floor bo

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DIY Light Painting Robot!

That’s right, if you are a photographer and you have been messing with light painting, perhaps this DIY light painting robot will help you get more done with those long, overexposed photos.

I think this is a great idea, especially if you are the lone photographer trying to get some light painting done.

via hackaday,

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DIY Robot that can Ski!

Check out this cool little DIY robot that can ski downhill, amazing ain’t it?

This could be the tip of the iceberg for future generation of ski robots.  Of course, these can possibly save lives in the future under harsh snow conditions.

I’d also love to see if they can make a robot that can snowboard, as I rather snowboard than ski.  (Well, there’s this snowboard robot

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DIY Robot – Paint a robot online

Here’s a fun site you can paint your own robots. cool…

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