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How to Make DIY RFID tag with Duct Tape! [RedNeck]

You know how duct tape can solve a lot of everyday problems including an airplane wing, and here’s another way to apply duct tape to roll your own RFID tag with a bunch of wires.

It ain’t pretty but gets the job done and the RFID read range is on par with commercial RFID tags, unbelievable.

It’s ugly, and I really want to try this experiment over again with a smaller IC

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DIY RFID Reader for iPhone!

Someone hack hacked their jailbroken iPhone to read RFID tags.  I think this could be a great way for companies to use old iPhones as RFID readers for their warehouse.  Smartphones are too valuable these days to be thrown away after use but turning them back into functional gadgets like this will be great for our environment.

I do remember at CES 2010 this year, they were using old, recycled Blackberries to read people’s tickets, that was a great idea.

The idea behind this project is to see what the iPhone’s serial is capable of and to try and have a litt

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