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Top 30 LED DIY Projects!

1. Giant LED DIY Lighting – This is a great project for those of you who need highly-efficient garage lights that are also safe as the LEDs don’t get hot.  LEDs are brighter and still more efficient than fluorescent lighting.

2. Giant DIY Russian Vacuum Fluorescent Tube Clock Kit – This is a kit you can buy to make the most awesome VFD clock ever.


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Arduino DIY – How to Make a Magic Mirror with Old LCD and Arduino!

Al Linke, the creator of the DIY Magic Mirror, has just buzzed me on his cool Magic Mirror, which was featured on Instructables as winner of the Halloween contest.

Well, I don’t know how I missed it if it was on Instructables but here it is and Al is actually selling kits you can buy to make a magic mirror yourself.

I have to say, this is really cool stuff, I think I have seen something similar, the Magic Message mirror

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DIY – How to Make Anything Plastic With Plasti Dip Synthetic Rubber Coating!

This Plastidip might not be so environmentally friendly (I think), but it’s a great rubber coating for any of your DIY projects that might require more stability and clean look.  You can see an example over here of plastified origami.

Plasti Dip sounds like a great way to “mold” any objects you might want to incorporate with your future DIY projects.

Multi-purpose air dry, synthetic rubber coating that c

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A Mini-Nibbler For $20

Check out this nify mini-nibble for $20 found over at the Tool blog. Tool blog? That’s cool…

This tool would be great for many nifty DIY projects.

Unique blade and handle design requires less cutting effort than conventional snips. The metal is held firmly by the die while the movable center blade cuts. Starts from a hole as small as 1/4″. Jaws are made from heat-tr

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