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DIY LED World Control Panel Kim Jong Il Would Want!

Want to dominate the world?  Check out this nifty DIY World Control panel that lets you control the world(sorta) with its special buttons.

This could be great toy for your growing-up James Bond and communist toddlers.

My son Harlan and his friend love to play “agents” and he asked me if we coud build “a panel that has a bunch of switches that turn on some random lights”. We worked on it for about 3 weeks, and this is what we came up with.

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DIY – HOWTO make LED Fireflies!

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Check out these cool LED fireflies you can make!

The inspiration for this project comes from having never lived in an area where fireflies were common and being deeply fascinated whenever I encounter them in my travels. The flash patterns have been digitized from firefly behavioral research data found online and were modeled in Mathematica so that variations of speed and intensity could be generated

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DIY – LED lighting Guide

Here’s a cool LED HOWTO guide including how to power LEDs using DC or AC.

LED lights are extremely efficient compared to standard incandescent lighting. No other lighting source outputs as many lumens per watt. They are particularly efficient at producing a single color of light. Other light sources

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