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DIY HACK – How to make a Solar Heater under 50 bucks!

Here’s a great DIY on how to make a solar heater. Although the one he made is not functional you can probably easily make it functional by adding an inlet pipe and outlet pipe plus a small PC fan. But the theory is very impressive and this thing could be made more efficient with a little bit more work.


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DIY HACK – Al’s Quick and Dirty Headcam


Cool, check out Al’s Quick and Dirty Headcam. He says it’s simple and it works.

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DIY HACK – Deer Repellent

Here’s a cool Deer Repellent for those of you with deers on your front yard that eat up your plants. But just turn it off on Christmas so Rudolph the Raindeer doesn’t get scared.

My original “Deer Repellent/ Seismic Sensor” recommended using a speaker with a weight glued to the cone as a vibration sensor (see bottom of page) but it recently occurred to me that the speaker could supply the mass itself. By gluing a standoff to th

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If you use Linux, you know Xeyes is a simple program that follows your mouse movements. You can check out some web examples of Xeyes. You can even paste this javascript code on your website for Xeyes on the web.

Anyway, Hunz created physical Xeyes that stands on his window and follow people’s walking movements. Tight! We w

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DIY HACK – 120,000 Volt Van De Graaff Generator!


Cool, here’s an instructable that shows you how to zap stuff at 120,000 volts!

It’s Frankenstein time. Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of ozone and the snap of a big fat spark? The dome is rotating due to vibration Although a Van De Graff generator has recently been posted I decided to post mine based on it’s substantial differences.


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DIY HACK – How to send a balloon to space


Make’s going to try to send a balloon to space! This is a great idea for anyone who’s trying to get something out on the outer space without using a big industrial rocket. Get PDF Here.

We’re using weather balloons to go up to approximately 100k feet armed with 4 cameras… 20 megapixels of camera! We’ll be taking shots every 7 seconds for two hours and measuring the temperature with the Make: controller and thermistors!


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DIY HACK – Build a Six-Axis 3D Controller (3D mouse)

Check out this awesome 3D mouse you can build using some creative hacks!

I’ve been exploring 3D graphics using VVVV. One of the things you quickly learn when working in 3D is that doing anything with a 2D mouse is a pain. Particularly I found I was spending a lot of time shuffling the camera position which involves a tricky combination of keystrokes and mouse movements. I wanted to get a camera control that would allow me to fly the camera smoothly in 3D

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DIY HACK – Make your own LED Bedroom!

Check out this cool DIY on making your own LED Pimp Bedroom and RGB light HOWTO!

I got this idea last year from a couple different things, one was this rope lightdecoration at the Illini Union courtyard cafe that continuously changes colors. The other was from this huge bright LED sign at Irving Park and Sheridan in Chicago that is at some mechanic that uses the sign to advertise his pa

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a Birdfeeder Webcam!

[gv data=”FmYu4PpafE8″][/gv]

In case you missed it, here’s HOWTO make a Birdfeeder Webcam. Garrett been telling me how his college project on a webcam birdfeeder webcam has gotten over 30% of his university’s web traffic, now here’s a cool video how you can make one yourself.  There’s also a cool pdf you can download for step-by-step instructions.

Have you ever wondered what

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DIY HACk – A Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor

Here’s a cool little tiny wireless motion sensor you can make for the spies in all of us.

The idea was to put together a movie spy-gadget grade device both on the cheap and very small. Usually the gadgets you see in movies are fictionally created by well-funded government agencies with top scientists. It’s not all Hollywood magic – you too can create fun spy gadgets without needing to break the bank! Ah, my old

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