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CNC DIY – How to Build your own DIY CNC!

Just when you thought you had to throw away all your spare parts (and even PVC pipes), someone hits you in the head (perhaps God, Budda, whatever), and you realize that you can make an absolutely, simply-amazing DIY CNC machine.

Cssshop, member of Instructables says about his new DIY CNC project:

I’ve always dreamed of having a CNC and window shopped all the time on the internet. Finally, I discovered Instructables and got plenty of good ideas from others. Ninety percent of my parts were acquired from junk or unused stuff. It doesn’t look pretty but it̵

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CNC Hack – How to Make a CNC Machine from Printer Parts!

I’ve always wanted to own my own CNC machine so I can start making some cool custom parts.  Well, if you need a simple one that can be used as a laser cutter/engraver, here’s a CNC machine you can make from old printer parts.  Very fascinating.

In this page I will show you how I have build a Router Laser CNC using some part from old printers, a Epson Stylus 800 and another Epson Stylus Color II, (you can use your old printer).

via hackaday,

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CNC Hack – How to Make a $20 CNC Machine!

Are you kidding me?  This guy built a $20 CNC scanner using a hand powertool, parts from an old scanner (for X and Y axis), and acrylic!  This is indeed incredible for low-setup CNC machine you might want to build for small projects.

See more DIY CNC projects.

I expect you to have basic knowledge on power tools and hand tools and of course this instructable requires you to have a rotary tool such as a dremel. Even if you don’t have knowledge on power tools or hand tools I advise you to try this instructable

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DIY CNC Pencil Sharpner!


Okay, you know what happens when someone takes a gas generator to re-charge their iPhone?

Lol, well, here’s DIY CNC Pencil Sharper that will give you sharp pencils.  (at the cost of 100 times more energy)

Pretty amusing though.  Take the biggest machine you can to do the job.

via make

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