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DIY Android/Arduino-Controlled Labyrinth/Maze!

We are gonna be seeing a slew of great Android-controlled Arduino applications, these things are about to explode soon and here’s another great application showing control of a physical labyrinth/maze with a Nexus One Android smartphone:

Inspired by the ball maze at Google I/O 2011, I decided to go and raid my parents’ house for the ball maze I grew up with. When I found it the challenge was set: I had one night to develop the hardware and software to control the maze using my Google Nexus One, using only what I could find in my (sadly very small and limit

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How to Make DIY Arduino Ethernet CandyGrabber!

I’ve spent a lot of time at my previous company Comfile building ethernet-enabled devices, which is one of my favorite projects of all time (you can see some of my previous projects after this article at the bottom).

Anyways, Odvratno Zgodan has made a really cool device, it’s an ethernet-enabled DIY Arduino CandyGrabber, which works off Adobe AIR, PHP socket, Red5 server to allow anyone to control his CandyGrabber of the internet. You can try it out yourself here at pimedius.com.

This co

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Arduino Hacks – How to Build a DIY Arduino Web Server!

For those of you who want to run your personal web servers on minimal hardware and energy, you might want to seriously think about building yourself one of these nifty Arduino web servers.

Of course, this reminds of the time I hacked my Palm Pre to run a WordPress Blog, that’s probably even better since you can take your website with you where ever you go.

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Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials!


Arduino has been widely popular among hackers and DIY-addicts out there for modding/hacking things.

For those of you just entering the Arduino world, here’s a bunch of great Arduino tutorials/projects that can help you jump-start your next project.

1) Did you know that you can program/flash your Arduino wirelessly?  For those of you who are going to be making devices where the Arduino is hidden from easy access, read up on how you

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