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Top 5 Geek’s Linux Distros!

Call me old school but I tend to like Fedora and Ubuntu for Linux distro of my choice but here’s a good list and explanation of the Top 5 geek’s linux distros.

Of course, now I might have to try them all out and see which one is actually the best.  My Ubuntu has been failing as of lately on my spare desktop, everything is SLOW!

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Ubuntu Linux Hack – How to Install Fresh Copy of Ubuntu without Losing your Current Program Settings!

If you are a hard-core Ubuntu/Linux supporter like me, you will need to learn how to save your programs when you install a fresh copy of Ubuntu.

Here’s how to do it:


Keeping your configuration intact is pretty straight forward and obvious. Just backup your /home folder onto an external drive or whatever. Make sure you also grab the hidden files, don’t do my mistake! Applications

Now for the current applications. Basically we just need to make a full list of the installed apps. sudo dpkg –get-selections &

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