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Zippo Hack – How to Turn Your Zippo into a Mint Dispenser!

Tab Dock is a new Zippo insert from Japan that will turn your regular ol’ Zippo into a cool looking Mint Dispenser.  As an avid smoker who have previously used Zippos a lot, I think this may help stop my cigarette cravings while the alternative mints might also do some good too.

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DIY – How to Make Automatic Cat Water Dispenser!


Here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make an automatic cat water dispenser so your kitty can drink water straight from the faucet!

So, I built the Cat Faucet so the cats could turn the water on and off for themselves. As a kit, I would rate this medium complexity. The electronics are simple and straight-forward but you also need to do some mechanical work and some plumbing to compl

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