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Thanksgiving DIY – How to clean up faster and cut down your cleaning time

Love Thanksgiving but hate the cleanup? Well, here are a few tips to help you cut you wash dime down:

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Dad’s Cab Taxi Meter for Making your Kids Pay!


Check out Dad’s Cab Taxi Meter that will let you charge your kids for any free “rides” they take from you in the form of cleaning dishes, mowing the lawn, and other household tasks.

Although I think this gadget is pretty pointless, the fact that it’s so pointless makes it funny to use.  It’s so ridiculous, it’s cool!

Gifts for dads don’t come much better than this Gift of the Year Award winner, Dad’s Cab. Dad’s Cab is a novelty taxi meter that comes with an assortment of forfeit cards tha

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Interactive Scape Multi-Touch Surface Desk makes you Super-Powerful and others Jealous!

If you ever happened to own one of these Interactive Scape multi-touch surface desks, your friends might start calling you more often and asking to come over.  (Now, just make sure to ask them to bring some buds and other potluck plants/dishes.   I tend to prefer the plants more but beer works too.)

As for the multi-touch desk in action, jump!


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Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your Dog!

Check out this really cool “automatic ball throwing machine” for your dog. Set it on and your dog will play tirelessly while you can focus on working from home or doing your dishes.

We couldn’t find any sources other than this Tennis ball throwing machine patent and a simliar device called GoDogGo!. We think itR

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