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Disco Ball Hat!

I don’t think most clubs will let you in with this Disco Ball Hat but I believe its main use if for those in-house raves where you are the DJ and you can’t afford a real disco ball for your living room.  Still, not a bad investment if the ball works as well as it should.

The funniest gift you’ll ever give! The craziest hat you’ll ever wear! The disco ball really turns! Don’t go to the part — bring the party with you

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Zedomax Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/Home Decoration Ideas!

Well, it’s going to be that time of the year, Halloween, one of my favorite American Holidays and here’s a re-cap of various different Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Spacesuit Halloween Costume might be a great way to scare your neighbors and score extra candy.

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Disco Ball Costume!

Don’t have a disco ball at your Halloween party?  Well, don’t worry you can make a Disco Ball costume and wear it in the dancing platform to refelct all those party lights.

I might actually make one here, it’s so cool.

Want to be the Discobelle of the Ball? This mirrored creation will be a crowd favorite!

Create a mobile party that will keep people dancing around you all night!

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Skeleton Disco Ball!

Skeleton Disco Ball!

Skeleton Disco Ball might not work as well as your conventional symmetrical disco ball but does have its merits as it does look kinda like it belongs in a horror house, not a club.

For the best in-home rave Halloween party next month, we suggest to give the Skeleton Disco Ball a try and tell us how many chics you pick up.  (guys for girls)

Death to disco! The perfect light effect for your Halloween party. This skull shaped disco ball spins from its own motor, so set up and use is simple. Mirrored mosaic glass tiles cover the

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DIY HACK – Party Ball or Disco Ball

Even though this is a DIY without a smart embedded computer chip, we give props for head start on our future DIY.  It’s very rugged and has some “too much glue gun”, but we do give it 3 thumbs up for the idea, not for the design.  :0)

“Here is my version of the LED Disco Ball. Its Completely portable can either be hung or screwed to the roof. It runs on 3AA batteries and has a group of gears from a CD player laser.


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