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Head-Cams for Police Officers!

Due to bunch of police brutality and taser-brutality, head-cams will soon be coming to police officers everywhere to record “their” actions and of course, the criminals’.

We think that this could actually be more helpful for identifying bad cops than actually catching more bad guys, probably the point of this gadget.

I think Police brutality exists everywhere today and we have to stop unnecessary force of action by the police officers who abuse that power.  Okay, your job is dangerous but that is no reason to taser down an

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Got Dirty Paint Work? Get the “rugged” iKey Membrane Keyboard!

Whenever I goto Home Depot, I see their paint department using a regular old keyboard with paint all over it.  My bet is that they have to replace the keyboard every other month.  For dirty jobs like that where you will get a lot of dirt or paint on the keyboard, iKey’s Membrane Keyboard will fit perfect as it’s rugged and also comes with a nice rugged touchpad.

The new DT-5K-MEM-TP is an industrial membrane keyboard built to withstand the harshest of environme

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