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Motorcycle DIY Video – How to Ride a Motorcycle!

Let me tell you a story of how I started riding motorcycles.

The very first time was at my best friend’s house up in Humbolt, California where he had a dirt-bike.  Well, to cap the story short, I didn’t know how to ride, didn’t have a helmet on, ultimately did a superman and sorta chipped a part of my leg bones after flipping over about 3 times on the ground.

As ugly as that experience sounds, I got the courage to actually BUY a motorcycle couple years later in South Korea, where I was staying.  The traffic was so bad, the only way to get around the city fa

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MotoPod is a Motorcycle Stash for your Personal Airplane!


Perhaps, this MotoPod will let more people with personal airplanes to get around town easier by letting them stash their favorite dirt bike/motorcycle under the plane.

…basically a cargo pod that allows you to carry a street-legal motorcycle underneath your plane. The motorcycle is a Yamaha XT225 which was selected because it was both economical and lightweight, and overall the pod and bike add about 500 pounds to an aircraft’s total weight. (Resulting in an airspeed cut of about 9 knots.)

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