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Medical Device Hack – DIY Cellphone Digital Microscope!

Here’s an awesome hack involving a cellphone and a microscope! An engineer has made a DIY cellphone digital microscope that can actually be pretty darn useful. I think this hits the sweet spot that perhaps, many of our smartphones can be recycled as devices such as these.  Kudos!

Now an engineer, using software that he developed and about $10 worth of off-the-shelf hardware, has adapted cellphones to substitute for microscopes.

“We convert cellphones into devices that diagnose diseases,” said Aydogan Ozcan, an assistant professor of electrical engi

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Roku Digital Video Player Review!

For those of you looking for a cheaper alternative to cable box, you might just be lucky enough to get this Roku Digital Video Player.  Not only does it let you play Amazon On-Demand videos, it can also play Netflix videos too.

Of course, if you are overseas and you are paying top dollars on satellite TV just to watch American TV, this might be the perfect alternative for you.

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Digital Stethoscope

Tight, now doctors can give patients a recording of their heartbeating sounds saved to an ipod!

Capturing heart and lung sounds is the most critical aspect of stethoscope design. Acquire the sound accurately, and anything is possible. The patented Electromagnetic Diaphragm (EmD) is unique to a Thinklabs stethoscope, and is the key to audio quality.

Having captured an accurate signal, electronic signal transmission right to the eartips ensures crisp clear sou

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Homemade HACK – Digital Count Down – Kitchen Timer

Here’s a cool little digital count down hack using PIC, keypad, and some parts. Although there’s no source code for it, it looks kinda cool.

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DIY – Build a digital thermometer in 1 minute!

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Okay, it seems like the only class I really enjoyed in college was the embedded computer class. All the other circuit classes and computer language classes bore the hell out of me because they was no actual physical result.

With embedded computers, you actually physically get to see stuff and that’s what I liked about it.

Well I started w/ the Motorola MC68 series microcontrollers and it took me almost a week to make a digital thermometer. I had to make everything fro

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