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Nixie Hack – How to Make a Digital Frame Nixie Clock!

Here’s a rather interesting idea of creating your own Nixie Clock that uses Nixie images to make it look like a real Nixie clock.  It’s not real Nixie Clock I’d say but still, this is helluva easier hack than actually making a real Nixie Clock yourself.

Instead of popping in every image of the time, the creator of the DIY Nixie Clock uses smart programming to display the numbers.  Nicely done.

I knew I wanted to do more than just pop some pics on a memory card and hack the frame to

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iPhone DIY – How to Turn your iPhone into a Digital Frame!

Here’s a really cool iPhone stand called AppStand that will fit your iPhone perfectly so you can turn it into a digital frame if you happen to get a new Android-based phone and need to keep your iPhone useful.  Available Dec. 1st 2009

Appstand for iPhone 3G & 3GS is here! Simply slide your iPhone into Appstand to get the most out of the tens of thousands of Apps available. With full access to button controls and ports, charging while in Appstand is effortless using the cord you a

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Eco Roundup from the Green Blog at Keetsa!

Here’s a bit of an update on interesting eco-tech articles from our green blog Keetsa:

US Cellular is offering free battery swap for low battery cellphones, Honda 2010 Insight sold for just $1.24 on an auction site, and Hyundai’s new Accent will run on LPG.

Here’s a cool

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Eye-Fi Hack – How to Hack Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card!

As you know, Eye Fi is a wireless SD card that lets your digital frame act as wireless digital frame. (or any other gadgets)

If you want to automate image uploading or simply want to hack it, refer to this guy’s hack where he shows you how to hack the Eye-Fi wireless SD card.

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Digital Frame Hack – How to Build a Custom Web Interface!

For those of you looking to hack your wireless digital frames, here’s a great guide on how to build your own custom web interface.  The hack uses PHP and MySQL so it shouldn’t be a surprise for most of you web developers out there.  This is a great way to make more usage out of the wireless digital frame than showing pictures and videos.

As soon as you enter the needed data like ssid and password (yes, he can do wep and wpa/2 !), the frame connects to your wifi

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Photo Frame DIY – How to Make Most Out of your Digital Photo Frame!

(GiiNii 7″ Wedge Digital Photo Frame Pictured Above)

Here’s some ways that you can make most out of your digital frame:

One of the other uses is as a display for goods or services, for a small business owner a digital photo frame loaded with sample photos, text and even a sound track that explains what the viewer is seeing c

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Consumer DIY – How to Choose a Digital Photo Frame!

Whether you are buying a keychain digital photo frame or an 8″ digital frame, you really need to know how to choose a digital photo frame.  Our GiiNii blogger David Allen (He’s also blogged on Zedomax before) has a great tips on how to choose your very first digital photo frame:

There is also what the frames purpose will be, is it going to be used to display single images or would you be more creative and run a slideshow with a music track playing in the background, this is the potential of a

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Digital Photo Frame Reviews

Well, the folks at GiiNii have provided me with insider information on their competitive product analysis of 7″ and 8″ digital photo frames and here’s the prices and features chart for your viewing pleasure:

7″ Digital Frame Price & Features Comparison GiiNii 7″ HP 7″ Digital Living 7″ Ality Pixxa Smartparts Polaroid 7″ Pandigital Product Number 7a slope HP DF7502 N/A AL-CP7WH SP70D XSA-00750B PI7000w01 Frame Size 7″ 7″ 7″ 7″ 7″ 7″ 7″ Screen Ratio 16×9 16×9 16×

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Digital Frame DIY – How to Share Photos using Free Online Services!

Do you have WiFi digital photo frames that are sitting on your table without your knowledge that you can use free online services to share and automatically update pictures on your frame?

Well, here’s a cool DIY showing you how you can use free online services to share your photos.

There are a few sites out there which will help you, but today we will be looking at yougotphoto.com a site where photo sharing is as easy as using a cell phone.

You would expect that a s

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Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog

Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog, we did a round up of digital cameras, digital frames, and more:

GE joins digital camera business.  Sigma unveils DP2 digital camera.

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