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DIY Wooden Manual Digital LCD Clock!


For those of you looking for a cool artwork to look at, check out this DIY wooden, digital LCD clock that mimics an LCD clock except the time must be changed manually. (by what seems like at least 6 people on manual labor)

Okay, now I would like to run my new manual, digital clock for the next 365 days, how much money do I need for human labor?

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand from iPhone Plastic Packaging!

It’s usually the simple ideas that makes us go, “Wow, I could’ve thought of that!” and here’s a cool iPhone hack that shows you how to make an iPhone stand from iPhone plastic packaging.  Wow!

Of course, if you threw all your packaging away (or recycled it I hope), you can always refer to this DIY on how to make iPhone stand with

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Electronic Message Billboard!

If you are like me, you will need a big electronic message billboard to remind yourself of your appointments.

The Electronic Message Billboard even comes with a little keyboard so you can change the message on the go.


* Program up to 60 letters, numbers and symbols into whatever message you like. * 26 pre-programmed messages for added enjoyment. * Built in digital clock. * AC adapter included. Electronic Message Billboard * Brightness settings: low, medium, high. * Mode select: input, message, off. * Demo button. * Removabl

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Eco-Friendly and Green Water Powered Alarm Clock!

Hey, here’s a cool water powered alarm clock.  It makes sense since most alarm clocks will be at bedside, where little or no sun light is provided.

The Bedol Water-Powered Clock, with its stylish circular design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally friendly product for everyday use. A dash of salt in the water is all that’s needed for the clock to harvest energy and ope

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DIY Mechanical Digital Clock!

Here’s a cool DIY digital clock driven mechanically.  Technically speaking, it’s a mechanical clock.

Numbers are printed on vertical sliders and only reveal themselves when shifted into perfect alignment with the ‘display box’. When not aligned they look like random, alien forms. Click the image to see a short film.

Video after the jump!


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Time Table!

Wow, check out this Time Table you can use to tell time while you are eating breakfast!

The entire top surface of the Time Table is a digital clock. The glowing digit segments are made of electro-luminescent film, which accounts for the thinness of the structure (6cm). The electronics include an alarm, and a timer to switch the light off at night. Additionally, the light can be turned on, or off anytime without affecting the time.


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