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Photography Hack – How to Make a Gyro Image Stabilizer!

If you are sorta serious about photography, you might want to consider making yourself one of these “gyro” image stabilizers that will allow you to take perfect photos.  Learn how to make the gyro image stabilizer by following step-by-step instructions here. (via ohgizmo)

This image stabilizer can be used with any lens and camera. It works the in same way as the Hubble telesc

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Photography DIY – How to Make a Fisheye Lens for your Digital Camera!

Last time we featured a photography DIY on how to make your own fisheye lens for a DSLR camera.  Well, that one is great if you have a DSLR but for the rest of us, you can refer to this awesome guide on how to make a fisheye lens for your digital camera on a budget.

I really like this method as it’s simple to make/implement, will be trying it this weekend for sheezy.

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Digital Camera DIY – How to Replace the LCD on your Digital Camera!

For those of you who have cracked LCD screens on their digital cameras, you might be interested to know that there is a way to replace the LCD on your digital camera yourself.  Although I don’t recommend this route and probably will void any kind of warranty, if you are circuit-inclined, you might want to try it out.  Especially if it’s going to cost more than the cost of the digital camera itself, this might be a viable option.

While hiking in Moab, I, like many other

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Replace Canon SD750 Lens!

I actually own “TWO” Canon SD750s because I dropped my first SD750 in the sand.  The first one “magically” started working fine after I bought the second one but if I had known such lens replacement DIY was available, I wouldn’t have had to buy the second one.  Here’s how to replace your Canon SD750 lens if it breaks or you drop it in the sand like me.

One more thang, even if you don’t own SD750, any other Canon SD s

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Weird Stuff You can Appreciate!

Here’s a bunch of weird stuff I posted on our weird blog last week, definitely worth a look:

This is how to NOT hold your digital camera for old people.  Take a look at some of these hackers, they are AWESOME!!!

Yes, Triceracoptor is a great idea for military.  The ultimate

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Camera Hack – How to mod a digital camera for night vision

This is a pretty intensive hack, but the results are pretty awesome. I wish night vision was just a normal setting that came on all cameras. I’d have so much fun with that feature.

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DIY – How to Make your own Wooden Canon 1D Digital Camera!

Here’s a fun DIY on how to make your own wooden Canon 1D Digital Camera out of wood.  Now, you won’t have to spent thousands of dollars on this camera although it won’t be functional.

via diyhappy, DIY Page

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DIY – How to Use your Tow Hook as Digital Camera Mount!


Check out this DIY on how to use your tow hook as a digital camera mount.  This will be good for those of you speed racers out there who can’t get enough digital footage of your own car.

Now, I’d like to see someone put this on a Tow Hook on a SUV to get some backdoor footage too.

What this is good for: autox, backroads, a camera you don’t care that much about. What is it not good for: on the track (you need the tow hook operational duh!), in the dirt (might work, but the

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Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog

Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog, we did a round up of digital cameras, digital frames, and more:

GE joins digital camera business.  Sigma unveils DP2 digital camera

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Digital Photo Frame News from the Digital Photo Gadgets Blog!

Here’s an update on the latest digital photo frame news from the Digital Photo Gadgets Blog.

AIGO E858 2″ Mini digital Photo Frame looks almost like an MP3 player. (well it’s pretty much an MP3 with a 2″ screen)

Canon introdu

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