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Windows 7 Hack – How to Run Windows 7 in XP Mode!

Clearly, if you have to run a “virtual” Windows XP on Windows 7, it’s probably simply better to use Windows XP like me, the *middle-adaptor way.

*Middle-adaptor is someone who is between early-adaptor and stubborn people.

But if you must run Windows 7 and tinker with another Microsoft’s junky OS, you can also install Virtual Windows XP, so they will run all of your Windows XP software.

Pointless huh? Microsoft should just start selling XP instead of all the new junk that doesn’t work or even better, make XP better/faster.

It’s lik

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Firefox Hack – How to Hack the Firefox Default Theme!

As a developer of a Firefox Toolbar, I know that Firefox can be hacked easily as it uses a lot of JAR files that are actually pretty much ZIP files you can unzip.

Anyways, the guys over at TechRadar go into depth of how to hack the Firefox theme to your liking so check it out:

Themes are supplied as ‘.jar’ files, which are really renamed zip files. You’ll find several directories inside: Browser, Communicator, Global, Help and Mozapps. There may also be a directory called Aero that duplicates some of these; effectively it&#

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