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Jitterbug is Senior Cell Phones you don’t even have to dial numbers!

For a lot of the elders, it’s becoming harder even to lift their hands to the phone, causing arthritis and more.

For those senior citizens, there’s a Jitterbug solution that lets you call via an operator.  (How cool is that?)

We think this would actually work for blind people too.

Think of as backtracking our phone technology to the first days when operators switched lines manually.

What a great concept back from the history of phones.

With its big easy-to-read 12 numbers, (or the even simpler 3-button model

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DIY Cellphone Piano!


Wow, it looks like someone had to hook up all their old cellphones to an electric piano.  Each key on the piano responds to a dial button on one of those phones, creating a dial-tone.  Of course, there’s not enough dial-tones to cover all the notes.

The cell phone piano. Each key on the keyboard is wired into a key on a cell phone – as you play, you are also dialing. The channels are mixed together and amplified through speakers. Every sound the piano makes is generated by one of the

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Budweiser Telephone!

If you can’t drink it, it’s not beer but if you can talk to it, it could be a Budweiser telephone. (or just a beer bottle and you got too drunk)

Too bad, the beer bottle isn’t real glass, making it too easy to tell it’s not a real beer bottle.

    Very Vivid Budweiser beer shape phone. Beer Telephone is prefect as a decoration in your bedroom / living-room / bar-table / computer desk / pub / snack store Last Num

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