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How To Hack Myspace

Hack myspace

Hack Myspace, you know you want to, you little social media devil. What would Tom think of you, if he saw you doing this? This video shows you how to hack someone’s Myspace account. To do this, login to a Myspace account and add some code to the profile.

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HACK – How to Open Electric Doors with Giant Magnets!


Apparently, some electric and electromagnetic doors can be opened easily with these giagantic magnets.

The ‘ring of the devil’ is capable of attacking this kind of electronic motor lock on two ways.

Scenario 1: An electronic motor is nothing more then a metal part on an axe that turns because of a changing magnetic field. Turning electro magnets on and off will generate a pulling force on the metal part, making it rotate. The ring does the same thing. By turning the ring, t

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USB Bomb – Weapon of Mass Storage!

Designs like this one get my attention while SiteHoppin. It’s an awesome USB Bomb that can store, well, let’s just say it’s more practical to put a harddisk inside it than a flash memory. Besides, you could probably fit several harddrives in this weapon of mass storage.

Like it?

Well, I believe it’s only a concept right now.

Designed by Mexico City industrial designer Joel Escalona.  (Awesome designs Jo

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