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iPhone Hack – How to Make a Serial Communication Device for your iPhone!

One of the biggest problems with hacking the iPhone to control other gadgets is the fact that iPhone doesn’t support external devices easily without use of a middle-man computer.

When searching for solutions, some projects show up which claim that “the iphone controls my RC car/my garagedoor” etc, but actually the iphone is communicating with a pc which then again communicates with an arduino. This is ok for protyping, but I want to get rid of the PC part (Actually there was a project in 2008 which uses iphone-xbee to control a rc-car. The instructions are in Japane

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Smartphone DIY – How to Make your Own Virtual Reality Google Streetview Device!


Want to experience the streets of San Francisco downtown or maybe even New York and Paris?

Look no further than your own smartphone such as an iPhone, HTC Magic, or even a Palm Pre.  You can get some cardboard boxes and make this simple virtual reality Google streetview device and experience the world!

LMAO, I can see a bunch of people doing this already, I might try this later today and post a video perhaps.

Using an HTC Magic and Google Street View we’ve made a simple pair of virtual reality goggles tha

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Arduino Hack – How to Make a Brain-controlled Device!

By using the Star Wars Force Trainer toy, these guys hacked it along with Arduino to control sound.  I think this is actually a great way to make a brain-controlled device of all sorts.

Hacked EEG wireless headset produces a pure musical tone when a user concentrates. When not concentrating the user heres a combination of voices – one must find the right tone in their mind among chaos . Connected to Ardunio Nano, and running PD on a connected laptop to generate music. Toy parts for less than $150.

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a Cheap Image Stabilizing Device for your DSLR Camera!

I have to admit that one of my future goals is to become a photographer.  After doing some quick shots on my Canon SD camera, I realized that to take awesome photographs, I would first need a DSLR camera with the right lense.  On top of that, these DSLR cameras are capable of shooting some really great theater-like HD videos.

Well, my hopes are on the Canon 7d

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Zedomax DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own “PS3 SIXAXIS controller” style BASIC-programmable USB device!


Remember we had a preview of the upcoming SIXAXIS controller for PC?

Well Garrett has now embedded the whole controller into his model airplane. He also added some special effects such a

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Useful technology, overpriced – OnStar for GM, Chevy vehicles

Here’s a useful technology that I personally have on my car because I couldn’t opt out unless I got the car with it. The news that OnStar could go black for millions of analog subscribers in ’08 tells only one story, that a useful technology that is overpriced might become useless and still overpriced. I am not bagging on GM for having provided one of the first useful technology to track cars, unlock cars, and all the bit-bang features that they have be

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Easy-to-use GPS module for DIYers

Check out Parallax’s GPS module that you can communicate to it using 4800 bps serial TTL and 5V DC power. You can use this for communicating with any microcontroller capable of RS232 communication. We will have to add on to our list of peripherals and DIY ideas on using this module to make a simple GPS tracking device.

The module provides current time, date, latitude, longitude, altitude, s

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