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Japanese Develop Transparent Fish!

The Japanese scientists have developed transparent fish for scientific study reasons, WOW!

With transparent fish are used for example, school students to have access to fish anatomy without the need to kill and cut open fishes.

The pulsating heart and other organs can be seen, since fish the skin and scales have no pigment. Small brains can be seen behind the eyes. Guarantees, Associate Professor of Mie University Yutaka Tamaru.

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Golf Tips – How to Develop a Sound and Consistent Pre-shot Routine!

One of the most important aspects of tournament/competitive golf is that you develop a sound and consistent pre-shot routine.  Without this, you simply cannot perform under pressure.  By developing a good pre-shot routine, not only will you play better golf, you will also be able to put most of your golf shots under “automatic pilot”.

Over on my golf blog, I have detailed examples and steps on exactly how to develop this pre-shot routine.  So all golfers who don’t have one

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