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Food USB Drives from Brando!

Check out some of the gravy food USB Drives from Brando.

The one pictured above are actually pizza and hamburger flash drives. – USB Fast Food Flash Drive

Here’s the Pizza USB Flash Drive close-up.  Looks pretty authentic too me, is that peperoni, tomato, pineapple, and green peppers?  Kinda bad choice of toppings there.

Ohhh, I do like this cheesburger USB Flash Drive.  Al

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PocketComms – The perfect international travel companion so you don’t have to learn another language!

Check out this PocketComms, it’s basically got pictures of food, bags, and other human necessities needed for communicating with others when you go to a different country so you don’t have to learn another language and still get your mind across.


The pocket sized global communicator with over 1,000 pictures

From the Nomads of the Desert, to the Eskimos of the Arctic, the Tribesmen of the Rain Forest to the Hustle of Hong Kong. Simple, quick and easy to use just point at a picture to get your message across Des

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Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System

Check out this Zaragoza Solar hot water system used in a desert oasis town.  They also have lots of other cool stuff like the solar heating system for pools.

The complete solar hot water system involves heat exchange between three liquids:

    Solar collector fluid. The fluid which is heated in the solar collector (above, fig. 2) and which flows into the heat exchanger unit (see figs. 3 and 4),

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Color changing LED from buring man

My artist friend from college used to tell me about burning man,

it’s a event held in the middle of the desert basically w/ bunch of regular people,

crazy people, and people w/ lots of creative ideas…

Anyways, Make has some interesting color changing LEDs which are kinda cool…

Yes, one day i gotta go here w/ my party lights

well i will have to use LEDs…

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