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MySQL DIY – How to Apply IP Geo-Location Using MySQL!

Here’s a great resource for IP geo-location, there’s a guy who’s made a MySQL table for it, so all you need to do is check the IP address against the database.  I have personally been thinking of making such a site and this is going to help me do that, awesome!  I hope it helps you too.

The IP addresses are listed in table ip_group_city. The data is not in the format since it would need to be stored as text and we dont want that for obvious reasons. Let say for ip A.B.C.D, the formula is ip = (A*256+B)*256+C (I assu

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PHP DIY – How to Add RSS Feeds to Any Website/Blog using Magpie RSS Parser!

One of the most common things we do in today’s Web2.0 programming are RSS feeds.  Now there’s a bunch of ways you can add RSS feeds to your website but let me tell you the BEST way using PHP.

1) Download and unzip Magpie RSS in your website root directory somewhere.

2) Anywhere in your PHP code, add the following line, while making sure the full directory path is specified.  (I usually like to put it in directory such as “magpie”)

require('rss_fetch.inc'); $myurl="http://ze

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