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Body DIY – How to Make Natural Deodorant!

With the world moving full-speed towards more organic and natural products, you MUST learn to make your own natural deodorant, just in case you end up in a country where they sell no deodorants.  FYI, I used to grow up in South Korea, they never had deodorants as far as I can remember.  I think they have some now but still most of the population does not even know why anyone would even put some stick on their armpits.  Don’t worry, when I came to the States 20+ years ago, I thought everyone was crazy.


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DIY – How to Make Goggles from Deodorant and Plastic Can Holder!

Here’s a really funny DIY on how to make goggles from deodorant and plastic can holders. Now, I wouldn’t really want to ever use these goggles or make them (because they are so stupid) but it is very amusing just in case there’s a fire in my building and the only thing I have with me are deodorants and cans of coke.

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