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LG Optimus 2X HDMI Mirroring Demo!

Here’s another great video showing you how well HDMI mirroring works on the LG Optimus 2X, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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Nexus One 5 Megapixel Video Camera Demo!


A lot of you have been asking about my 5 megapixel video camera on my Nexus One, I took a short video for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry, I had the music on full-blast but I was rather surprised the sound was captured pretty good using the 2 mics on-board Nexus One.

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Web Design Hack – How To Make An Awesome CSS Web Calendar with iPhone-like Graphics!

As a web developer/hacker, I am always searching for the next new thing in CSS, of course, this particular web calendar really impressed me with not a whole lot of code.

I think you can easily apply this to make your web app shine more.  (Check out the demo)

I wanted it to be similar to the iPhone Calendar application (or, if you want, to the little calendar on the left bottom corner in iCal). And I also wanted to keep the code as little and sweet as possible (we don’t like maintenance, do we

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Twitter Hack – How to Make a Twitter Power Meter!

Twitter has probably been the hottest growing social networking/microblogging service this year hands-down.  Needless to say, its uses are endless and great for the DIY community for tinkerers, makers and alike.

Without further due, I announce Lady Ada’s new Tweet-A-Watt power meter system so you will know exactly how much energy your “twittering” is costing you.

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X10 Control via iPhone!

X10 is the communication standard for automating your household electronic devices via the exisiting power line in your home.  X10 has always been popular for controlling your house lights, sprinklers, and whatnot but someone has a good demo video on how to control your X10 devices via an iPhone.  I don’t find this super-amusing since X10 has been implement

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Makeup DIY – How to Contour and Highlight Your Face!


Well, my girlfriend bookmarked this one on YouTube so it might help you ladies learn the basics of how to contour and highlight your face.

Basic makeup demo to sculpting and shaping your face 🙂 its alot simpler than you think.

All you need is a good makeup contour brush, a darker shade (perhaps your bronzer) and a highlighting colour. The effects can be as natural and subtle or as sexy and cleopatra as you like 😉

Basic methods to: Sculpting for defined cheekbones Defining of the nose Narrowing forehead

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E-store DIY – How to Make an AJAX 1-Click Shopping Cart using Shopify E-Commerce!

Okay, today I will show you how to make an AJAX a-Click shopping cart using Shopify.com, an e-commerce hosting company I have used over and over for last couple years.

First, let me tell you I have done my research on various different shopping carts as I have made shopping carts for different companies.

So far, the best and simplest shopping cart/hosting is Shopify.  I’ve tried X-cart and OScommerce but they need WAY too much customization.

Shopify has a default t

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DIY Electronic Drum Set



Check out this guy who made his own eletronic drum set.  The first video explains the electronic drum set parts while the second video shows an awesome demo of the drums itself.

As you will see in the video i decide to use PVC pipes and parts due to that the parts are some how like Lego, but it not so easy, all the mechanic work on this set needed special tools for cut / drill / change diameters inside parts and more, In order to get the same feel with foot pedals i decide to use re

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204 Horsepower Electric Mini!

Check out the new E-Mini, loaded with 204 horsepower from its lithium batteries.  The new electric Mini will be available for demo to sel

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Interactive Multi-Touch Projector Screen!



Here’s a really cool demo of an interactive projector screen or is it Multi-Touch Projector?

The basic idea is really simple: a program running on the PC will process the images viewed from the webcam, find the position of the penlight/light spot, and use this position to deternine where to place the mouse cursor on the screen. Now, if we can assume that the light spot/poi

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