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Microsoft Multi-Touch Demo Video at Windows 7!

Okay, I do bash Microsoft a lot but here’s a really cool multi-touch demo from Microsoft!

The thing is running Dell’s Latitude XT Tablet, one of Microsoft’s core monolpoly gang banger members.

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Dell Ubuntu

Cool, Dell is going to be supporting Ubuntu! This is a sign that Linux and open source movement are taking over the world soon not to mention the cool open source CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Pligg, etc…etc…  This is a surprise from the company that announced to not ship their products with Linux in the past.

Ever since we heard that Dell would ship computers with Linux pre-installed, we wondered which flavor it would be. It doesn’t

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Greenpeace slams Apple, Motorola and Lenovo for toxic chemicals

Yes the greener the better…”Dell and Nokia topped the list, but Apple, Motorola and Lenovo were among the worst” via

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