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How to Convert USB to HDMI with Grand HD Cinema!

A Japanese company has released its new Grand HD Cinema, a converter device that will convert USB to HDMI.  This will be great for those of you with no HDMI interface.

Just a note, when you buy a new laptop, make sure it has an HDMI output.  My $600 Dell laptop does, I simply had to make sure it had one before I bought it.

Also read up on my DIY guide that shows

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Dell Laptop Black Friday Coupons!

Well, I just posted all the Dell Black Friday coupons over at LaptopPimp blog, here it is again for you shoppers:  (Just so you know, most of these only work from 11/28/2008 12AM to 11/29/2008 6AM)


Black Friday Savings! Save $285 on the Inspiron 1525 laptop! Only $559 after Instant Savings.

Black Friday Savings! Get the Inspiron Mini 9 for only $299 after $50 Instant Savings!


Black Friday Savings! Get our most popular desktop fo

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Windows 7 Rave and Reviews!


As a person who grew up with MS-DOS at age of 9 and deleted Command.com on the first day I got the 386SX-25Mhz PC, I still am sorta Windows fan but yes I am also one of the best critics.

Anyways, Microsoft is obviously trying to changing their bad “Vista” image with their new Windows 7, which supposedly is fully backward-compatible with Vista.  (Again, wh

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Dell Inspiron 910 Mini-Notebook coming this week!

You can expect the Dell Inspiron 910 Mini-notebook later this week.  The Dell Inspiron 910 is the very first mini-laptop produced by Dell, who is trying to take a market share of the new “mini” market.

Here’s some Dell Inspiron 910 Links that will inspire you for sure from our pimp blog LaptopPimp.com.

Dell Inspiron 910 Specs and Detailed Pics

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DIY – How to Turn a Dell Laptop into a Digital Photo Frame!

There’s got to be about a thousand DIYs on how to make a digital photo frame these days but this one is specifically for converting a Dell laptop.  Very well done.

These are the steps I used to create my Digital Photo Frame from an older Dell 1150 laptop.

via instructables

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