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WordPress Hack – How to Run a WordPress Blog on Lighttpd!

For the last couple months, I have been playing around with a lot of different web servers.  Because my web servers kept going down, I had to find a new solution to help minimize my on-growing web server hosting costs.

About 2 years ago, one of the tech support guys at the dedicated server hosting company told me there’s a lighter web server called “Lighttpd”.

Well, I digged all the information I could on Lighttpd and found pieces of information that could let me run Zedomax.com on Lighttpd.  (I also did find many other good web server alternatives like Ngi

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The Best Grid, VPS, and Dedicated Server Web Hosting Review!

Over the last couple weeks, I have been doing a little “host” shopping, jumping from hosting company to another, thus Zedomax.com went down a lot. (Sorry about that, sometimes in life, you need to keep searching until you find the best deals.)

So, I’ve actually narrowed it down to 3 companies that provide the best “cloud/grid”, “VPS”, and dedicated servers.

This review is based on the 30+ blogs I manage, each of blogs getting anywhere from 100 to 20,000 pagesviews each.

In the end, I found that each hosting company had its stren

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How To Convert Your Old PC Into A Server

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Blog DIY – How to Make a WordPress Blog in 2 Hours!

Well, I started writing a DIY on how to make a WordPress Blog over at my Ad Optimization blog and it got rather long.  But I do tell you how to make a WordPress blog with all the bells and whistles in just 2 hours and also what “skills” you’d need to do it that fast.

If you are thinking about designing blogs for a living, this will definitely of great help in getting things done faster.

Here’s an excerpt:

1. I go to GoDaddy.com and register

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Zedomax.com Updated with a New Dual Quad-Core Xeon Harpertown Server from Cari.Net!

Things have been a little crazy as I have been running around town helping small business owners get ahead using my guerilla blog marketing techniques.  (I also wrote an E-book for intermediate bloggers over at my Adsense Optimization blog.)

Anyways, I spent couple hours today upgrading my server from a Dual-Core Woodcrest Xeon processor to a Dual Quad-Core Harpertown Xeon processor.  Of course, I use and recommened Cari.Net for any kin

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Zedomax Server Upgrading….NOW!

Well, finally I got hands on a 2x quad-core dedicated server just for this site.  It should speed up things a little one it’s been migrated to the new server.

Please be patient while this whole site is being transferred to the new server, you might see some delays as there’s will be some DNS propgation.  On the other hand, you might not see any changes at all and this server transfer could be invisible.

Okay, we will be right back after server upgrade… 🙂

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Linux Web Server Hack – How to Write Automated Load Balancing Script!

Well, I have been manually managing the dedicated server for this site for last 2 years or so but I found a better way to automate the server so it doesn’t ever go down due to overload.

One of the common problems in dedicated servers is the fact that load can go out of control and your web server along with it, causing you to hard-restart the server.

A better way to deal with this over-load problem is to shut down the HTTPD server (web server) before your server

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MySQL HACK – MySQL Performance Tuning

If you are a webmaster and you run a dedicated server, you might want to watch this video and learn some insights into MySQL performance tuning.

Jay Pipes, MySQL employee and co-author Pro MySQL, gave a great presentation to Google employees which covers a number of techniques for tuning performance on MySQL. His examples include debugging and analyzing problems as well as best practices

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Zedomax Server Upgrade Complete!

Noticed we haven’t been posting as much lately? We got a server upgrade (now we got more servers) over the last couple days to handle more traffic and make the website load faster.

Finally, we are ready to go at full speed again without being slowed down by mysql and web server. We now have different servers to handle the mysql and the web server.

If you want to know about running a more efficient web server, check out this article

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