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Laptop Decals MacBook, iPad and Netbooks

What’s New???

I have taken some of my original artwork and have turned them into vinyl decals for Laptops, walls, windows, notebooks, furniture and what ever else you can think of.

These are:

*Full Color *100% waterproof *Easy to apply *They do not damage surfaces *Stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface *Each graphic decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive vinyl. It can be easily removed and leaves no residue behind.

How to apply the stickers!

Peel off the backing paper, carefully position the sticker on your clean

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Glass DIY – How to Etch Glass!

Did you always want to create your own custom designs for shot glasses?  Well, here’s a great DIY that teaches you how to etch glass.  I’ve always wanted to do this and it looks easier than I thought.

So, in order to make your etched glasses, you’ll need glass etching paste, found at your local craft store, an X-acto knife, some tape, a small paintbrush, stencils if you want ‘em, some vinyl sticky paper (contact paper or the stuff we used for the wall decal project works well), some rubber or vinyl gloves, (because c’mon people,

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