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Linux Ubuntu DIY – How to Setup DDNS on your Ubuntu!


I have a nice little Linux Ubuntu box I setup here in my apartment with a KVM switch but most of the time, I use command lines to SSH into my linux box.

When I am away from from home and I want to access my linux box, I can access it (SSH into it) using DDNS (dynamic DNS).  This is great since I have my own backup server plus I can test out my web servers on my linux box before going live.

Anyways, if you are looking for easy solution on how to setup DDNS on your Ubuntu machine, ddclient is probably the easiest.  You can

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IP in Your Email, get your external IP and send it to any email

Here’s a cool blog I came across on our new wagg.it site. It’s a custom application that will send email containing current external IP address to a specified email address automatically at set intervals.

Why do you need this?

I used to work as a network administrator at a company and had issues with DDNS (dynamic DNS) addresses wher

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