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DIY HACK – HOWTO hack an industrial sewing machine!

Looks like Lady Ladyada hacked an industrial sewing machine. Definitely check it out.

Unlike little portables which turn on the DC motor when the foot-lever is pressed, industrials use a clutch motor. The motor is running the moment you turn it on, and when the foot-lever is pressed, it moves the clutch towards the motor, engaging it. This means higher torque when you turn it on, thus getting rid of the frustrating “have to help the machine along” stuff nece

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DIY HOWTO – Simple DC Motor

[gv data=”OS-ihkq8mKI”][/gv] Here’s some cool info about simple DC motors that can get u jumpstarted in your upcoming DC motor projects…

I ran across some cool pages while studying about AC vs. DC motors. I was interested in taking a small DC motor, and connecting a propeller to it. I want to stick the motor on the outside of my car, and generate a small DC voltage to power my toy, ie. an iPod, or my cell phone. I need 5v for the task. The question I have been having

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DIY – Controlling a DC Motor over Ethernet with the DAC Circuit

Here’s a cool diy on a DAC circuit to control a DC motor with your PC over the internet using Visual Basic Winsock.

The circuit that I chose for this assignment is the motor project. The DAC circuit will be used to control the speed of a DC motor. This can be done by creating a Visual Basic program to interface with the motor and the PC. The input from the client will be in decimal form (0 – 255) and these digital sequences will be converted into binary codes (analog form) by using the D

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