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iPod Touch 2G Hands On over at Engadget!

Well, it seems like the iPod Touch 2G is officially ready for the masses.

The main difference between iPod Touch 1G and 2G is that the 2G version is much more thinner with a glossier finish while holding much larger data storage of 32GB or 64GB.

I would buy the new version for the extra storage space but don’t know if anything else has really changed enough to be better.

The WiFi antenna looks much better integrated, the speaker doesn’t sound like complete trash despite not even having a

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Japanese Researchers Fit 42GB on a Single DVD!

It looks like Japanese researchers have figured out how to fit 42GB of information onto a single DVD by changing the way light is reflected off the DVD and thus storing array of bytes instead of 1 single bit.

Not sure how this will affect DVDs in the future but this might be the start of DVD2 era.

Researchers from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, based in Japan’s Tohoku University, have – according to Google’s translation of a document released by the university department – discovered a way to mult

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World’s First x3 32Gb Flash Memory NAND by Hynix Semiconductor!

I almost worked for Hynix, a semiconductor company in Korea, but their job descriptions were all boring and you had to work in the rural part of Korea. Mind you, I love big cities, I hate suburban areas, just my personality type.  I stuck out in the busiest part of Seoul and lived a block away from like 100 bars, 20 nightclubs, and etc…etc…   Yes, it was a lot of fun, I got hideously drunk and did get to poke around some stuff…  Okay, maybe this is too much personal information, just go take a bong rip and you can forget what I just

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Propeller QuadRover Robot can Tow a Toyota Pickup Truck!


Holy crap, check this Parralax Propeller QuadRover towing a freakin’ Toyota Pickup Truck! At $4,000, it’s a hefty investment but you can play with it by custom-programming it to do whatever you need to make it do.

This gas-powered robot is built using a Honda 2.5 HP 4-stroke engine and hydraulic power system. It i

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