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Yoda, R2D2, Leia, and Vader Star Wars Costume for Babies/Toddlers!

Looking to dress your loved little ones with Star Wars costumes for this Halloweens?  Look no further as ThinkGeek as Yoda, R2D2, Leia, and Vader costumes from newborns up to 2 years old.

The Darth Vader version is a romper with underleg snap closure, plus a detachable cape (Velcro) and “helmet” headpiece made from fleece. The Princess Leia version is a robe-style dress that uses a Velcro closure in the back and includes its own fleece headpiece so you don’t have to make her hold still while you

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$18,000 Darth Vader Statue!

Standing at 4 feet tall and 150lbs., this life-like Darth Vader Statue can be purchased for a measly $18,000.

Any hard-core Star Wars fans out there? (Now my question is, how many people will buy this in the next week?)

Sculpted by Lawrence Noble, the inspiration for this Vader bronze came from a source usually associated with the Star Wars prequels, that is the planet Coruscant. Standing 4 feet tall and weighing 150 lbs., this majestic statue sports a particular attitude as it is frozen with one foot raised on a little precipice. Only 30 su

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R2D2 USB Hub in action!

Using the R2D2 USB hub might not make your USB devices to run faster but it’s still a fun little USB hub than your regular ol’ hub with no feelings.

So like the Darth Vader Hub, it is animated, provides some nifty Star Wars sound effects and more precisely the famous R2D2 sounds effect. Notice that it goes into action every 3 minutes; it offers 4 USB

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Star Wars USB Hubs!

R2D2 and Darth Vader may be in reach of your USB devices with this cool Star Wars USB Hubs.

Can’t complain now that the evil force is comin’ to get your USB devices.

these official R2D2 and Vader USB hubs. R2’s head moves, he lights up and emits genuine Star Wars sound effects every three minutes, while Vader just seems to have the sound effects and glowing eyes. *Shiver*… menacing. Of c

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