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DIY 2D Pen lets you spend time just building the damn thing!

Check out this compeltely useless 2D pen that lets you spend a lot of time just making the thing.  Of course, if you never succeed in making the 2D pen into a 3D one, you might have to take more time to re-assemble it until you get it right.

Our verdict?

Just go buy a regular pen but this DIY 2D pen is a cool concept.  For traveling, you might be able to stick a piece of this 2-D pen for slimmer travel.

Innovative and unique, the Falter 2D pen makes you work for your ink. The “assembly kit” comes with a flat piece of iro

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DIY – How to Make Your Own F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet!

Remember the guy in China who made his own Helicopters?  Well, it seems like there are instructions floating on the internet showing you how to make your own F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet planes.  Now, I don’t think anyone will make one but you never know so….

Aside from making the damn thing, the pictures are pretty interesting.  I mean, the process of making a jet that is.

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