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Make Daisy MP3 Made! Touchscreen Desktop MP3 hack coming soon…


So we made the MP3 player and it works freakin’ great! The sound quality was as good as an off-the-shelf MP3s. We plan to hack it using a CuTOUCH CT1720 and make some cool touchscreen menus for it.

Here’s some pictures of how it will fit in the touchscreen enclosure: (It fit perfectly!)

The only hurdle we face now is changing the firmware of the MP3 player a littl

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DIY HACK – Kits and Casemods: Laser tag MP3 player, Dinosaur USB charger!

[gv data=”PZjMX3zBxBs”][/gv]

Here’s a cool laser tag DIY on the Daisy MP3 Player we are going to hack in the near future… Bre gives us good insights on what kind of modding to think about and also great sources for mod such as the Goodwill and some funky stores..

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