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OnEarthTravel.com and our “other” blogs and social networking sites.

We have a new website called OnEarthTravel.com. It’s a website or a blog about travel. My girlfriend’s brother,Bodin, is running this site because he is so into travel.

It seems like we are making a new site every week. Our lives are getting busier and busier and I can’t remember last time hitting a golf ball anymore. Regardless, we will just have to keep diggin’ along.

Make sure to check out all our other sites when you are bored:

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iPhone Parody Commercial


Here’s a funny iPhone parody that shows you how you can use the iPhone as a cheese grater, shaver, mouse trap, lip gloss, condiment dispenser, mace, treadmill, thermometer, portable shower, bookmark, hand grenade, and more!

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Da Bomb TV – Videos that are Da Bomb!

Well, I know we have been posting bunch of videos, but yes, we were hibernating so we can make a new cool video website!  :p  Anyways, you can check it out since we are just gettin’ started! Okay, here’s a cool video site that you can check out that we, me and Kenji made yesterday for fun! It’s basically a bunch of videos that are Da Bomb!

If you have some cool videos, make sure to submit them to Da Bomb TV!

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