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Video of northern lights!


Here’s a cool video on northern lights!


Cat Wheel Cartwheel…


Check out the cool Cat wheel for your lazy fat cat!

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Real Tranformer Robot Video


Remember we had a video of a transformer robot way back? This one is a much better version.


Amazing what video editing can do these days…


It’s amazing what video editing can do these days including making you looking younger and younger and younger and…

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Video of slow motion Bullet!


As we’ve been adding some new videos to our new video site, Da Bomb TV, we cannot help but to post some of the cool things we’ve been finding.

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Video – What happens when you Microwave CDs


Check out this video that someone is “microwaving” CDs!

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DIY HACK – Consolidate barcodes

Here’s a cool hack if you use a lot of barcodes and carry a whole bunch of cards that you don’t need. A barcode is simply a number when translated. You can refer to our touchscreen barcode reader also for how to make a simple bar code reader.


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Da Bomb TV – Videos that are Da Bomb!

Well, I know we have been posting bunch of videos, but yes, we were hibernating so we can make a new cool video website!  :p  Anyways, you can check it out since we are just gettin’ started! Okay, here’s a cool video site that you can check out that we, me and Kenji made yesterday for fun! It’s basically a bunch of videos that are Da Bomb!

If you have some cool videos, make sure to submit them to Da Bomb TV!

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