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Recommended Cutting-board

Macbook Cutting Board!

I am an avid cook who is in dire need of a better cutting board. ¬†Well, this Macbook Cutting Board actually looks pretty decent to me, it’s an exact replica of a Macbook with wood, perfect for any kitchen.

You can pick up yours for 61 Euros here.

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Food Hack – How to Crack an Egg!

Believe it or not, the guys over at About.com show you the “right way” to crack on egg by cracking it on a flat surface instead of edge of a bowl like how I do it.

It’s interesting to note that some people probably don’t know even how to do that yet.

Don’t worry, if worse comes to worse, use my method is to crack the whole egg and use the shell too like Nick Vujicic, I am sure shell has some great protein.

But in short, it’s best to crack an egg on

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