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Make Daisy MP3 Made! Touchscreen Desktop MP3 hack coming soon…



So we made the MP3 player and it works freakin’ great! The sound quality was as good as an off-the-shelf MP3s. We plan to hack it using a CuTOUCH CT1720 and make some cool touchscreen menus for it.

Here’s some pictures of how it will fit in the touchscreen enclosure: (It fit perfectly!)

The only hurdle we face now is changing the

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Express Programming Service for Inventors, engineers, MAKERS, hackers, tinkerers, etc…


My work place is hiring bunch of new people and offering some express programming service for inventors, engineers, makers, and tinkerers out there who want to make some cool touchscreen applications. I got some hookups from my boss so you can use the Promo Code “ZEDOMAX” for 40% discounts for your future projects, make sure to check it out!  The offer ends end of March so if you got a touchscreen project and need some quick programming, this might be for you.

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Tony Jaa – New Martial Arts Technology DIY


Wow, this is really cool demonstration of do-it-yourself martial arts… Well…I guess not really do-it-yourself, but still too cool not to post…


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Pondering about Barcodes and the future

With all the barcodes existing on the market today, here’s a website that allows you to make a personalized barcode for yourself.

This may be far off but maybe you can tatoo your barcode and make a touchscreen barcode system to go with it. Well with RFID in a crazy takeoff with Wal-mart and all the greedy mass merchants out there in our world t

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Best place for Electronics in France

Here’s the best place for electronics in France!

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Sources for Antennas

Check out Saelig for good antennas.

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Touchless Interface


HoloTouch has some cool futuristic touch interfaces that require no touch. See their demos here.

Maybe we can come up with a touchless g-meter or something… I wonder if they can send us some samples…

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DIY Circuit Oxygen Sensor Simulator


Here’s a cool oxygen sensor simulator via hackaday for those of you who need to build some custom control system for your turbo, nitrous, super-charged engines.  I used to have a car that I put a turbo-charger on it.  Well, I had this really crude fuel oxygen control management system using couple

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Segway Robot ROVIN Update – Line-tracing Video

[gv data=”_CWi7DllsHo”][/gv]

Here’s a line-tracing video of the segway robot ROVIN mentioned couple weeks ago that uses a cutouch from comfile.

Kinda cool.

I found some pricing for these segway robots:

I guess the company robo3 is right now working on a humanoid version, which will help you clean your house and do entertain your kids… ROBIN 1500/$15,000 (ROBIN RMP 800+ABS body + Touch screen) ROBIN 2500/$25,000 (ROBIN 1500 + ARM) ROBIN 3500/$35,000 (ROBIN 2500 + Vision system + PDA remote controller) + Charger ROBIN 4500/$45

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Zedomax DIY 113 – Build a bluetooth controlled Holloween Hovercraft party light!



Okay, the other day we made a cool hovercraft, today we will add a bluetooth module and a embedded computer to make it spin

so we can take it to our friend’s next Holloween party and start groovin’

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