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OSIM uSqueez Calf and Foot Massager Review!

Well, I did get to try out the OSUM uSqueez Calf and Foot massager at my local Brookstone while checking out the massage chair and I have to say that if you have blood-pressure problems in your calfs/legs, this will do the trick.

Personally, I have bunch of pinched nerves near my ankle and everytime I blog too much and don’t work out, my left leg goe

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DIY HACK – How to Build a Prepaid Cellphone GPS tracker!

Well, here’s a cool little hack for anyone who’s interested in building a GPS tracker for fun. Although I’d rather stick to my GoogleMaps on my Blackberry, this is good info for anyone who wants to build a custom app.

The Open GPS Tracker is a small device which plugs into a $20 prepaid mobile phone to make a GPS tracker. The Tracker responds to text message commands, detects motion, and sends you its exact position, ready for Google Maps or your mapping software. The Tracker firmware is open source and user-customizable.

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Plusmo coming to iPhones

Check it out. Plusmo is coming to iPhones. Although my review on Plusmo has not been so great, I do like their new website theme design and willing to try again with my Blackberry 8830. In fact, maybe I will put Plusmo logos on all the websites…hehe…

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 1, 2007 – Plusmo announced today the availability of its free and customizable mobile widgets service to users of Apple’s new iPhone. A custom

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