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Baby DIY – How to Make a Custom Winter Baby Sling!

If you have some great sewing skills, you might want to consider making your baby a custom, winter baby sling that’s versatile and looks incredibly cool while warming up your baby in the cold, winter months.  Not only will your baby thank you for it, you will appreciate the fact that you can be even closer to your baby.

The Fox Hole is a baby sling that can be used for babies 2 months and up, in three positions. The front carry, hip carry, and back carry. The Fox Hole sling has a removable hood and faux fur or shearling liner to keep baby extra warm.

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DIY Custom Acrylic See-Through Turntables!

Check out some of these great DIY custom acrylic “see-through” turntables from Mike Disher, brilliant!

Indeed these are amazing, custom turntables, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike started an online shop and made millions of dollars selling these.  What do you think, are they worth buying?

I based my turntable design on the legendary Rega P3, and I created a new, custom acrylic plinth and a set of feet. I also devised a way to hide the motor, and I improved the motor mounting system. The pl

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Jay Leno’s EcoJet – Custom Bio-Diesel Jet-Engine Supercar!

Check out Jay Leno’s EcoJet, a bio-diesel and jet-engine powered supercar that can go faster than an actual jet plane!  This is some pretty good stuff.

Jay Leno’s biodiesel-powered EcoJet has recently claimed its fame with its ability to run on biodiesel and at the

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Custom Segways – Segways Hacked! – Heavy Duty Segway and Segway Centaur!


This heavy duty segway features like 6 car rims, which probably slows it down but innovative.


And check out this Segway Centaur, it’s the shi*!

via HackedGadgets

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Nintendo Wii Hacked – CUSTOM Built Wii Laptop!


Yes, take a Nintendo Wii and put some creativity with some work to get a custom built wii laptop!

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