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Recommended Curtains

Wearable Power Cord for Fashion!

Now there’s a safe way to wear a power cord on your body while lookin’ good and not electrocuted.

This is a fun, cream-colored knitted power cord! It can be worn as a decorative skinny scarf, or even a decorative belt. Use it to pull back your curtains or replace that boring old tie. Whatever you choose to do, let your imagination lead the way!

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DIY – How to Make Heat Blocking Curtains!

This one’s pretty much common sense but still a really good idea on how to make heat blocking curtains using insulated materials.

To save electricity with our super expensive A/C, I constructed reflective curtains to block sunlight from warming our house. Think auto windshield. This is super simple and kind of obvious, but it works well.

via instructables

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