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Laptop DIY – How To Make a Car Laptop Stand!

Remember I mentioned the steering wheel laptop stand for cars?  Well, here’s a better version and one you can make for under $30 using PVC pipes from Home Depot.

One thing I’d have to say, this DIY is so clever, you make use of your cup-holder unlike commercial laptop stands where it must be bolted down.  WOW, great job Mike!

Of course, don’t forget the “

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Innovative Cup Holder better than McDonald’s or Burger Kings!

Okay, here’s a coffee cup carry back that actually makes sense. This isn’t innovative, it’s probably more common sense. I’ve gone to McDonald’s about 2 times last week and their cup holders straight up SUCK because you have to hold the thing at the bottom and it wobbles.

To demonstrate what I mean take a look at the Mickey D’s cup holder I have here: (You are supposed to hold it at the bottom and expect it to be stable? Some dumbass made this…)


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