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Twitter Hack – How to Make a Twitter Power Meter!

Twitter has probably been the hottest growing social networking/microblogging service this year hands-down.  Needless to say, its uses are endless and great for the DIY community for tinkerers, makers and alike.

Without further due, I announce Lady Ada’s new Tweet-A-Watt power meter system so you will know exactly how much energy your “twittering” is costing you.

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DIY Dual Fan Controller Project

Here’s a nice little circuit diagram for all those hardcore DIYers if you are trying to build a dual fan controller using an ATtiny45 although I’d never use this thing, I’d rather use a CUBLOC.

Over the course of a weekend, I cobbled together some leftover robot parts to create a simple dual-fan controller. The board turns on the first fan when the temperature reaches a user-adjustable dial setting, and it turns on a second fan if the temperature exceeds an additional 5 degrees Fahrenheit. With

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Zedomax DIY 128 – HOW TO Make a Glowing Heart LED Night Light!



I was at my local Dollar Store the other day and when I saw this Heart shaped Touch Light, I had to hack one for my gf.Here’s a quick hack on how to make a regular Touch Light and make it into a Glowing Heart Night Light.

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Parts List

Touch Light from local Dollar Stor

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Maker Faire 2007 Zedomax USB Portal Preview


Here’s a preview of our USB Portal Project we will be showcasing at Maker Faire 2007.

It’s basically a BASIC programmable USB device so you can connect embedded devices easily to your PC whether that be a video game, industrial application, or whatever that you can think of.

Check out our previous

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Solar Lawnmower and Mopbot

Okay, I’ve finally been able to stay away from the computer thanks to my girlfriend. But we are back for some more hacks and DIYs.

Check out these cool solar lawnmower robots and mop robot if you don’t want to spend $200 on a Roomba. You could probably make these inventions a little bit smart by adding a programmable controllers such as CUBLOC or

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DIY – Beginning with the Basic Stamp


Check out Bre’s new video on Basic Stamp howto with Joe Grand. He’s also got some pdfs with instructions.

Basic Stamp is a programmable embed

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Nike+Ipod Serial Converter Module from Sparkfun

Check out this Ipod Serial converter module from Sparkfun. You can now communicate to your iPods with a microcontroller such as Arduino, CUBLOC or Make controller. They even have a sample VB program for you to work with. This would be great for future do-it-yourself projects! 🙂

This is a simple USB serial interface to mate with

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Zedomax DIY 127 – Make an Ethernet controlled Color Organ!


For this weekend, we will show you how to make an ethernet controlled color organ that can be applied for some kind of stage lighting.

We will be using the party light we made and simply plugin the

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More Motor Experiments – 3 Stepper motors with CUBLOC CB280


Here’s an update of controlling 3 stepper motors using a CUBLOC CB280 module. Although you can move the motors simultaneously, there are a lot of applications you can use it for.  Sorry about the video, my video camera needs head cleaning.

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DIY – Motor Experiment – CUBLOC CB280 with Xylotex Stepper Motor


We’ve been messing around with some industrial stepper motors at work. These Xylotex stepper motors are pretty cool.

We have an example here for interfacing with some CUBLOC modules.

We got the 3-axis stepper kit so we will have a 3 step

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