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Outdoor Multi-Jet Showers!

Here’s a great way to refresh yourself outdoors with the Outdoor Multi-Jet Shower.  I have to say when I have a big yard, I will surely get one of these or even better, make myself one from scratch.

This shower, discreet by its nature, surprised everyone as soon as it was released onto the market. The mass of water coming from the 3 shower heads, two of which are placed laterally, totally envelopes the body and gives an extremely soft sensation, touching the skin like refreshing foam. The arch-shaped structur

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Office DIY – How to Improve Productivity at Work!

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One of the most important things I realize over the years, is the fact that you need to set yourself up for success at your work whether that’s a cubicle or your deks at home.

So, here’s some tips on how to improve productivity at work:

1. Get to work at least 15 minutes early. Early birds eat the worms. This old adage is true and I have seen a lot of expensive cars parked abo

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Wii Hack – How to Make a Wiimote Coil Gun for Cubicle Protection!


Here’s a really fun DIY that shows you how to make a Wiimote Coil Gun so you can protect your cubicle from being pranked by your colleagues.

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Stellanova Magnetic Levitating Globe!

Thinking of a nice gift for that someone who works in a cubicle all day long?  Well, as a person who have done that myself, I highly suggest to get him/her one of these really cool Stellanova Magnetic Levitating Globe from Amazon for under $40.  A great gift that will allow your someone to think about traveling the world while at work.

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Rude Goldberg Machine from Office Equipment

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We like to think we know a thing or two about wasting time around the office, and we hope our cubicle-warrior readers do too (you are reading this now, aren’t you?). But these guys one-upped all of us and raided the office supply storage closet to make a pretty bitchin’ Rude Goldberg machine. What’s the deal with the toy bowling pins, though? Got kids running around the office?

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